Congratulations to Haiyue Yuan, Shujun Li, Patrice Rusconi, and Nouf Aljffan from University of Surrey on receiving the best award of 5th International Conference on Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust at HCI International 2017 held in Canada. Haiyue Yuan presented the paper 'When Eye-tracking Meets Cognitive Modeling: Applications to Cyber Security Systems' at the conference. The paper is joint work between the Department of Computer and the School of Psychology, as part of the Singapore-UK research project COMMANDO-HUMANS, jointly funded by UK's EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Science Research Council) and Singapore's National Research Foundation (NRF). The main goal of the COMMANDO-HUMANS project is to develop advanced cognitive modelling tools for supporting automated analysis of security and usability of cyber security systems especially user authentication systems. The paper winning the Best Paper Award reports the project team's work on using eye-tracking data to facilitate the cognitive modelling tasks of user authentication systems.

This paper can be downloaded from here

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